• Place: Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

  • Date: 12 September 2019

  • Participants: teachers and instructors from Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi who are going to teach disabled students.


Teachers in Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi were gathered in a seminar organized by Sherzod Gulomov (local coordinator of the DECIDE project) with the purpose of instructing them how to teach disabled students with a new approach implying 8 modules. Sherzod Gulomov delivered a particular presentation, taking into consideration that specific methods should be applied while teaching students with disabilities.

Climbing up the educational ladder for incapacitated students requires specialized technics from teachers. That is why the main goal of the seminar was about sharing the knowledge of teaching students with disabilities and explaining all the 8 modules of DECIDE project to the other teachers.

First, all the needs of disabled students were shared to the audience and the importance of the DECIDE project and the expected results, coming after this program were explained. Then the modules were expressed one by one, showing the significance of them in solving all the challenges disabled students confronting today.

Lastly, the questions by teachers were answered at the end of the seminar and new suggestions were acquired in order to optimize the method of teaching students with disabilities.

During the implementation period, 8 modules will be applied in order to complete these tasks with success so that a group of teachers who works with DECIDE project students should be collected and should be learned so as to be able to teach disabled students with different techniques.